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Bald Eagle - Crow Call - Brrrrrr

I was sitting and watching a Bald Eagle and after a few shots I decided I would wait and try and catch him flying off. I notice some movement to the side of me so I looked and a Puffed up Jay had landed on the ground by a tree so I turned the BushHawk and fired a quick burst and then back to get my eagle in flight. you guessed it while I was playing with the Jay the Bald Eagle left.

If the Eagle looks cold its because it was cold. To make it even feel colder there was a 10 to 15 mile an hour wind. I have no idea if animals feel the wind chill like us humans do.

Here he is resting. I am beginning to think when it is real cold they hunch their shoulders forward. Made me think he was using his wings for an extra layer of warm.

After a soft crow call aimed away from him he cocked his head a couple of times like he was trying to listen.

I believe the photos show that I got 3 pretty good ones rather than one because of the crow call. A lesson learned: "Don't get greedy you might miss the shot you were looking for".

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