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Thanks for the reply. Ok, heres the deal. Im not trying to become a pro sports photographer and as you said, it requires money and I think a full year of happening sports. But here, I used to photograph my weekly game of cricket (I solved the problem by convincing my friends to play in the daytime). So, thats the reason I thought maybe my current equipment can give the results but thanks to your advice, it made me all clear.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"So this concludes that Im not after sports photography alot, but yes I do alot of other categories like landscapes, nature, potraits, and the top, CASUAL. So the thing is that sometimes I dont get the required results. So, either the settings I do are wrong or the equipment needs to be upgraded. So, now I wanted to ask, which upgrade will help my needs or there isn't need of one.

And yes JohnG, I really honor your true comments regarding sports photography.

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