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Default How to edit a photo and resend to camera?

I bought this Kodak DX4530 with Printer Dock 4000.

I am able to upload photos from camera to computer no problem.

I like to edit the photos, add text, effects, etc.

When I drag-and-drop to the "Internal Memory" folder of my kodak camera using the same file name protocol 000_0001.jpg etc etc I can successfully save the edited photo on the memory card.

I can then successfully view that edited photo on the computer which is now stored on the camera.

I CANNOT see the edited photo on the viewfinder of the camera. It says "Unrecognized File Format". Kodak support webpages say that whilst you can resend unaltered pictures back to the camera (and I can do this) you are unable to resend EDITED photos back to the camera because the JPEG / EXIF 2.2 "header information" has now changed.

Fine. Whatever. I can NOT believe that someone has not invented a little program to "fix" this header information such that the Kodak Camera can recognize the edited photo as its own. It may be as simple as a short hexadecimal string.

If and when this is possible, I will then be able to print the edited photos on the printer dock. I refuse to believe that this is an impossible dream and await any help from other users with eager anticipation. I spent about 3 hours googling on this already today.

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