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adilj wrote:
And yes, information regading the mm and f will be appreciated. I mean what values tell that the cam is good.
Focal length and aperature do not tell the whole story about a lenses quality. Focal length only describes field of view, or in simpler terms, how "close" your subject appears. F stops help a little...typically lenses with larger, constant aperatures are usually of higher quality and carry a higher price. For sports photography you'll need both longer focal lengths and larger aperatures (how much varies on what sport and how close you can get to the action).

As far as other settings, it's impossible for anyone to tell you how to shoot. there are too many variable to describe and account for, and often conditions change from minute to minute. The only way is to read all you can about exposure and photography basics and go out and practice. You'll quickly get a feel for things and learn how to anticiapte what you need to do to get the results you want. and even then, you may occassionally scrrew up. There is no magic bullet, or golden settings.

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