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Ive got the computer problem solved, 500gb external drive and 120gb portable media drive that slides into the front of the computer case. Will start backing up the good shots on CD/DVD.

Harriett, As an experienced evacuater, I had to do it 4 times in one summer a couple years ago. I have everything ready to go and it only takes me about 15 minutes to pack it all up.

2 22inch monitors go face down on towels in the trunk, onon side is a large plastic storage bin containingnecessary food items and emergency stove. on other side are two desktop computers. all wrapped in towels and blankets that might be needed. On top of all of these go clothes. Back seat has the cooler and all the camera equipment, oh I forgot my Son also has the bug and STILL lives with me. All connecting cables for two computers are in a small plastic box on the floor.

I used this setup when I went to Biloxi to get away from some Hurricane and it worked great. Hotel had wireless, bet the maids wondered what we were doing in there with two computers running 24/7, and at the time had a laptop from work as well, they were all going, and I was at the Casino. LOL
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