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rjseeney wrote:
Agreed. My only point in referencing the article was to show the original poster's results are not unusual, thus there was likely nothing wrong with the camera. It explains the results, but not the reasons as to why.
I fully agree that the camera is probably fully functional. I haven't used either an S3 or an S5 but the only reason I use single shot stab. on my Z612 is to conserve the battery. I haven't been able to discern any difference in stab. effectiveness between continuous and single-shot on that camera when hand-held. I have formally tested the IS when the Z612 is tripod mounted and there was no difference in sharpness regardless of IS mode. A sample of those test pics have been posted at thread in my 11:51am post. As I noted in that thread my shutter speeds where in the 1/8th sec. range for those tests, results with a 2 sec. exposure might be different.
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