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Some answers:

No John, I didnt see any IS written with that 70-300 USM lens. I wrote exactly what I saw.
It's difficult to say without knowing more specifics. How much did the lens cost? If it's less than $500 USD then it isn't the lens I'm thinking of. What brand is the lens? Is it Canon? In re-reading your post I see you did not specify the brand of the 70-300 lens. What brand was it?

Ok, I read that IS is not going to makes the moving subjects still, so what is this concept. I mean I saw your pic the two footballers heading the ball (i think it was you), that was pretty still shot.
At shorter focal lengths it is true - IS wont help for sports shooting. When I mentioned the 70-300 IS USM lens ($560 USD) it isn't so much the fact that it has IS that affects your sports shots - it's that it has very good optics compared to any other sub $1000 300mm lens and it has USM (canon's fast focusing motor). Even for longer/heavier lenses that contain IS, sports shooters often turn IS off and use a monopod. IS can produce some undesired affects when you move the lens to follow action (not all desired lens movement is a strait pan along a single axis - so IS initially can fight the movement).
Secondly, I am gonna buy XTi in some days time now but I checked on the internet that XSi is also coming. So tellme is it worth waiting or not.
Here is a link to a description of what features the XSi is offering over the current XTi:

And, if I do buy XTi with the standard lens kit, I might have a budget for an xtra lens. Would you be kind enough to recommend something like zoom lens. or something wide
My advice is to NOT buy an additional lens right off the bat. Let your needs dictate what to buy. So keep the money in the bank and use the new camera for a while and determine where the kit lens is unable to get you the shots you want to take. That way your needs dictate what you buy not what I or anyone else thinks you should buy without knowing more details about what and how you shoot. Once you know the types of shots you're missing you can come back and we can help you identify the lens(es) or other equipment that will help you get those shots.

Lastly, the zoom lens, how are the compared to x. Like you told that my current camera can goto 108mm or 3x. So this tells that 300m is 8.3x???
the 'x' is simply a ratio of maximum focal length to minimum. A 25-75mm lens is a 3x lens (75 / 25 ). A 100-300 is a 3x lens. So, 'X' isn't really all that useful.
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