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I recently replaced a stolen Canon A620 with an A720IS, so far I have to say I am not impressed with it, shots are generally disappointing, nothin I can put my finger on yet, but I regularly managed shots with Wow factor on the 620, and have yet to come up with anything special out of the 720IS, the face detection often doesn't work, it seems to detect a face during preparation of the shot, but the results don't stand up to scrutiny (out of focus faces!)

Anyway, let me stop grumbling and get on with my question.

I used to run my A620 on several sets of rechargeable AAs I bought over time, all worked right up to the day the camera was stolen (it takes 4 batteries). The very same rechargables are unable to power tha A720. Even fully charged, as soon as you turn on the camera, the low battery indicator is on. The batteries are mostly 2300 or 2700 mAmp, and seem to operate fine in other devices around my home.

Initially I thought the camera was faulty, but it runs fine on leading brand conventional alkalines AAs, in fact the battery life seemed quite good on them, so since the rechargeables are a few years old, I am going to get some new ones.

Recommendation, and comment welcome.

Also, want to get a new 2GB SD card, there seem to be plenty around very cheap, but again comments and recommendations welcome.

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