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Hello. I am in the market for a new camera. I had the Canon S60 for a few years now and I loved it. I originally bought that camera for the manual features that I never ended up learning how to use. What I loved most about the camera was that the images came out really nice from that camera. 4 years later, there are all these ultra compact cameras that are cheaper. I realize that I am mainly a point and shoot type of guy. I read some reviews of the different models from Fuji to Canon to Sony to Casio. I like the feature set, zoom, and image stabilization that the Casio EX-V8 is said to have. My main question is though, will the EX-V8 take pictures as good as my S60 did? I mean it is four years later and all, but since I don't know about the specs, CCD, and all that, I was hoping someone else would. Thanks!
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