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emes wrote:
I have to add something. Everyone say RAW produce higher DR. I thing this is higher resolution (8 vs 14 bit). Every sensor produce higher resolution and processor reduces it to 8bit jpg. So processor will decide what to sacrifice, highlights detail or shade detail. When we convert RAW to jpg, we decide what to sacrifice, but finally we have 8bit jpg and resolution is same. DR is ratio between W and B
All of our cameras can capture more DR than can be viewed or printed. In order to get it all on to the screen or print, some of the DR must be compressed, not necessarily sacrificed.If you shoot in JPEG mode, the camera makes the decision on what and how much to compress. Most RAW converters allow you to make these choices for yourself, with some calling it shadows/highlights and others fill light. In any case, the idea is to try to make what the camera sees, fit into the limited range of what you will view it on, and still look natural.

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