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Hi Guys and Gals

Took the replacement E3 and myself into a proper studio on Friday and had a 2 hour shoot with a very talented model. I had begun to think with the furst E3 body that the F2 didn;t have the same pop or detail it has on the E1 and that on the newer body maybe it wasn't that much better than my 14-54ZD. The results from the shoot using both lenses quickly changed that - the F2 on this E3 body seems just as razor sharp and even more detail grabbing than before, and really shows up the difference between it and the 14-54ZD. Its amazing what a dud camera body can make you think!

In the studio - I was advised to use Adobe RGB as the colour space, WB set to flash,ISO 100, [email protected] 160s - I was shooting RAW, SAF and single AF point. High Key setup as it was my first time in a studio. E3 in the studio was excellent - with both lenses. AF was very fast and accurate, eps the F2. As far as I can tell no front pics are OOF or front focused. The only problem that the E3 had was with the WB - all the pics have a slight tint to them even though the background was white paper. Also found that smugmug dosent like ARGB files - so now double the work !

I'm still working through the pics - 200+, most of them are crap, but a few are ok, and I'm just going to post just a couple. I've had to fix the WB in PP but other than that there is only 50% USM applied and thats it.

1. "L"

2. "L" - converted into B&W



:O :?

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