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thkn777 wrote:
I noticed that some concert shots in similar situations came out surprisingly well with ISO1600 - ok. But for a closer look on that behaviour you can't use just these two pictures...
Do some tests at the same subject, with the same setup. Shoot RAW. And include some over- and underexposed shots in the series. It IS a difference if you step up/down while taking the photo and then correct in the RAW converter. So this maybe already an explanation or at least a start to research further: in the concert ISO1600 shot you have very high dynamic range and nothing in the histogram middle, where things look completely different in #1
Since I do a lot of low light shots I'd be interested in your findings.*
Hmm I just have more questions
The subject is intriguing.

These are the unknown:

1. While shooting, the histogram of the first image (iso800) was more promising. There was no way that I would have set the iso to 1600 on the spot.

2. What cause the 2nd one to have lower noise level – aperture or shutter speed? That is unheard of. By accident, there were two subjects in the 2nd pict. I had to step down to get bigger depth of field F5.6 instead of F4 which necessitated the use of iso 1600. Well I did that by accident. Also I did not have SR in DL. So I rested my arm on the seatback in front of me and well I did that in 1/45s (for an FA135mm!)

Now these are known facts:
1. We all agree noise is a huge deal for indoor low light shots
2. What started all these thought came from me reading about the noise level of the new Nikon D300 even at 6400 - supposedly to be very good as proved time and time again. But there are D300 shooters reporting that there is quite a lot of noise in the shadow (like the BG of my first image) at speed below 1/3sec even at ISO 200.

This reinforces my suspicion that Nikon did a great job in tweaking the firmware or software to lower the noise level of the image (with the same Sony sensor - same size as K100D & K10D physically). Hope Pentax does not take too long to replicate.

Any comments? If we all know how to tweak this (factors like shutter speed, iso & aperture) we all could be better off.

So we do not know what to choose. We will just shoot like crazy. Take more shots and pray that we have more keepers than otherwise.



The first one

Focal Length 135 mm
Exposure Time 1/60 sec
Aperture f/4
ISO Equivalent 800

The 2nd one

Focal Length 135 mm
Exposure Time 1/45 sec
Aperture f/6.7
ISO Equivalent 1600
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