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If you plan to shoot at higher ISO speeds often, I'd look at the A300 and A700, versus the A350 and A700. You're going to have smaller photosites trying to stuff 14 Megapixels into an APS-C size sensor, versus only 10MP into an APS-C size sensor.

The 10MP sensor in the A300 is going to have better image quality if you plan on using a camera at higher ISO speeds often. This model would also give you a faster frame rate compared to the A350.

In better light, you may appreciate the increased resolutoin of the 14MP sensor in the A350.

The best (and most expensive) compromise between resolution and noise levels between these Sony models is the new 12MP CMOS sensor in the A700, if you plan on using higher ISO speeds often. I've been impressed with mine.

You can see some ISO 3200 images taken with my Sony A700 here:;forum_id=84

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