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I discovered a new problem, but not with the camera, now its with XP and sdhc cards over 4 gig. My card worked the last 2 times I tried it in my notebook card reader, but this time it didnt, so I started checking the obvious. When that failed to bring answers, I checked online. Apparently this is a known problem, and Windows has an unadvertised hotfix for it. MS Hotfix 923293.
Now the real problem is, its not for 64 bit architecture, which my notebooks cpu is the AMD 64 Turion . So now my notebook will not read any kind of card memory anymore. My 8 gig sdhc tossed it a curve, and its now defunk. Microsoft support suggested I try a usb card reader for my cards.
How nice of them.

You might want to file this away as things to remember.

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