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Ok A.C Smith, or anyone else who is knowledgeable in this, or just wants to chime in.

I have another one for you.

I tried to shoot some Macro, the flash was to hot so I used some paper to quell its intensity. It made the layout go from landscape to portrait ?? I experimented around with this. I made sure I didn't block the LED or anything else, just the flash lens, and it would do it , but only periodically.

So why would covering the flash lens with a diffuser cause the camera to sometimes think you have turned it on its side?

This is interesting to me because I use a diffuser more than I would have expected when I first shooting about 28 years ago. From Museums ( when I can get away with it) to Jewelry ( hobby of mine) and even things to be posted on Ebay. I still get the photo , at least so far, but who knows.

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