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calr wrote:
....example where fuzzy water doesn't work very well. The water is moving too many different directions...
I have no idea what you mean Cal. It's exactly what I was aiming for.

The pair are different views of the same place, seen through two timescale windows. The ratio of the two timescaleshere is short, for water flow, (127x, ratio of 2[suP]4[/suP]). Earlierwe discussed the seconds to millennia ratio as in glassblowing vs. the cooled glasswork. (3 x 10[suP]13[/suP]seconds in a millennium).

There's one predominant direction, downhill, from right to left, which is obvious in the slower shot, as shown bythe standing wave (a small 'stopper') trying to go back uphill, but going round in vertical plane circles for a while. This gives an impression of flowing uphill, as one can see here and there on the surface of any fast river.

Please could you show me an example of what you meant by 'fuzzy water', earlier? I thought it was smeared out waterfalls and just thiskind of thing. You actually asked someone to try it out at two speeds.

These attempts were inspired by a very beautiful series of fuzzy waterfalls that appeared in 'Landscape Photos' round herelast year sometime.I'll post a link later if I can find them.

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