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Alan, on your fuzzy water shot, I see that your exposure was 1/3 second. In my opinion, that makes the water too blurred. Perhaps 1/4 th second might have made it sharper while still giving the fuzzy appearance.

There have been a couple of nice smooth fuzzy water shots posted for this challenge that show what I like to see, a smooth flow of water all in the same general direction. I mentioned that I have tried to shoot breaking waves on the rocks on the beach and was very disappointed with the results. The reason was that the water was going every which way and the resulting shot was very jumbled and confusing.

This shot might look better using a slow shutter if you were farther away so that more of the river/stream shows.

These are my opinions based on personal experience. Others may disagree. If you got what you wanted in this shot, that's the important thing.


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