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Hey, guys. I'm looking to see if anyone here can help me decide on which model camera to buy. I'm not exactly set on a brand, but the two I've been thinking about are both Canon... PowerShots, I believe.

Anyways, I'm looking for a point-and-shoot camera that I can use in family gatherings and hanging out with my friends. I'm not looking into SLR cameras as of yet because they seem much too expensive for me considering my price range. Speaking of price range, I'd say it would be around the $200 benchmark.

It'd also be nice if my camera had a decent video camera. I'm kind of looking into video logging on YouTube. However, it's not too important whether the video camera is important.

And one final 'spec' I'd like my camera to have is that I'd like it to have some sort of 'artistic development' to it. I guess that's what artists call it. I'm talking about taking pictures of scenery and making it your desktop wallpaper, etc.

So now, I'll tell you the two models I'm thinking about. I'm still not decided, and I might not end up deciding until summer when I'll really end up buying a camera. The two models from Canon that interested me are the Powershot A720 IS and the Powershot SD1000...

I'd appreciate any type of response that would help boost me towards the right direction of photography. Thanks.
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