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It depends how they do it, if it is a new one or the one that they have been renting out to everyone. The company I'm looking at will do refund a full weekends rental if you purchase but that's all.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I guess the thing to ask yourself is how many times you will want to use the lens, how much rental is that, how much is the lens going to cost, if you sold it again, how much could you get back for it.... which works out best? This assumes you can afford the lens, or if there is a purchase plan. I'm happy to do one or 2 rentals and for me it will be when I'm covering a specific event where a specialist lens will come in handy.... but this will also mean I'm covering the cost of the lens in the proceeds from the event (hopefully). If it is for your own use I would look at a good 2nd hand option rather than a lot of rentals as I know there are some good places in the US to get 2nd hand quality kit. Also doing it that way you will lose almost nothing when selling again (if you do sell). I'm terrible, I always buy new and I've made quite a lot of changes in my kit and have lost quite a bit of money, however as said they were used for a part time business/hobby gone made, so the costs were covered. It would just have been nice to have been able to afford the kit I'm using now a few years ago.
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