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Originally Posted by PrmseKpr
For the record, I would never take a picture of a minor with the intention of profiting from it.
I'm sorry -- I didn't mean to implyl anything perverted with my reply. I just wanted to emphasize that there are a lot of paranoid parents out there (me included).

I would definitely take a picture of a minor with the intention of profitting from it, but I would also get parental permission. When I had my Sony Mavica FD91, I took some really cute pics of a little girl at an art show in a little princess dress. I showed her mom the pictures, and asked if she minded me taking them. She was a little distrubed by it (even though I was there with my entire family -- not like single pervert sneaking around or anything), so I quickly reassured her that everything was fine, popped out the floppy disk, and gave it to her, telling her to enjoy the pictures and have a good day. I understand parental paranoia completely.
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