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I shot this with a Nikon D80

Fixed Prime lens 85mm.

F 1.8

ISO 500

1/640 sec

With indoor sports shooting it really is a bunch of trial and error. I also have some great pics with my cheap zoom lens.

A Nikon 55-200 zoom. The ISO has to be set way up though. Like to ISO 1600 becasue the fstop can only go as low as 4.0 I believe. But you can still get some ok pics.

Only problem with the fixed 85mm I have is that its just 85mm. The pic above was when he was right in front of me which is why it looks so good. But for pics at center court it starts to get too far for a 85mm.

The pic below was taken with my 85mm, but in order to really feature her I had to crop her from the larger pic. Resulting in not as clean as a pic.

To fix this problem, I have just bought a 135mm fixed prime. I will test it out TONIGHT and see how it does. I imagine a pic like this will be all the better!

Ill keep you posted!
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