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I will disagree whole heartedly with you on that one. Roni really does need IS, and it is very important when using his light tent operation. In fact, you too could quite nicely benefit from IS as well.

How do I know that you might ask? Well, I have been a professional digital camera for the last 12 years. I am a certified instructor for Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Kodak cameras.

Now I will offer something of a challenge to you, Pete, and to Roni, too and any one else who wants to join into the fun. I will start a Canon SX-100 Gallery and Workshop, where I will volunteer to answer all of your questions and to provide a tutorialon shooting withthe Canon SX-100 from tomorrow (April 1st) through April 21st.

Why does it begin tomorrow? Because that is when my Canon SX-100 will arrive. So Pete, Roni and anyone else who want to take part, look in the Canon digicam folder for the Canon SX-100 Gallery and Tutorial. am willing to give you one on one if you are willing to participate.

Sarah Joyce
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