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This is the thread I thougt about starting myself. All the very subjective experiences one by one as they come. Might be helpful to someone on the threshold or deciding between a K20D and a K200D.

So my reaction, coming from a DS:
  • It's big! Bigger and heavier. Not good.
  • Much easier to focus manually. Don't know why, but the picture on the matte screen is clearer and, as they say,it "pops" into focus.
  • It's so much more than the DS. Didn't explore all the DS's capabilities in two years, won't turn the K20 inside out in a lifetime.
  • It will take time to find a workflow for the RAW files. The bundled software (Pentax Photo Lab by Silkypix) is so utterly slow so it's unusable. Got myself CS3 with Camera Raw. Much better, but I do miss RawShooter, which can't be updated to accomodate new camera models. I'll try to find a hacker to do that for me.
  • Having a job is an obstacle to learning and enjoying a new camera. I'll try to win a fortune and quit working.
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