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Unfortunately I have not been out taking photos in the last 2 weeks, (due to moving home, lots of work, etc). And it's even autumn here, so some of the introduced (nothern hemispheran trees) trees ARE showing some warm autumn (fall) colours... but hey, I just haven't been out with my camera lately.

Most Australian trees don't shed their leaves like most deciduous trees do. Some Aussie trees / bushes, do change appearance throughout the year (e.g. flowering, gum nuts, less /more foilage, etc).

Anyway, here is a silhouette of another sunset with the Fuji F601.

Photo 2. Taken near Coles Bay, east coast of Tasmania - when visiting and staying with friends there. Taken from a boat looking west over an inland bay area (we didn't really catch much fish.. .but the sunset and reflection were nice!!)

Thanks for viewing. I'm still pleased with so many of the photos I took with my Fuji, and I believe good composition and capturing good lighting is more important than having the "best" / fancy camera, though yes, I can do lots more with my current Canon DSLR in terms of advanced photography.

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