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I'm not sure - but in this case, it was more an issue that I had been using the laptop's monitor and when I restarted the computer, it came up first. I have a Huey and it automatically adjusted for the laptop's monitor. I then switched the computer to show on the main monitor but didn't restart the computer. I think the Huey's software continued to use the laptop's profile (should have either restarted the computer or else run the calibration software to re-set it).

I didn't know that there was a way to adjust such things other than by the Adobe Gamma software. I have a horrible eye for their charts and I never can get it right doing it that way. I'll have to check my laptop to see what it uses for the video on the internal monitor. The only adjustment I've been able to figure out is brightness, which is on the keyboard and it is very limited in scope. I'll check it out more (but then, my computer is almost 4 years old).
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