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My first purchase of an add-on lens for my new XTi and I think I did OK but I can't find any info on the particular lens as it is a discontinued model. It's a new in box, old stock Sigma Compact Hyperzoom 28-200, f/3.5-5.6, aspherical, IF, macro lens for EF mount. Found it on eBay, as I said, new old stock from a Canadien dealer. The lens is made in Japan, has all original papwerwork including 3 yr. Sigma warranty (came in a gold Sigma box) with both front and rear Sigma caps and a Sigma lens hood in the wrapper. It is made like a tank! Fairly heavy, 62 filter size with AF-MF switch and focus lock. I paid $140 for it. The box has an old, faded price sticker of 299.00 and under it a 399.00 tag. Looks like they kept dropping the price to try and move it.

Primary use for this lens will be my kids Little League baseball and softball games and my daughter's outdoor horseback riding. Pretty much had outdoor photography in mind when I snagged it.

Took a few shots with it out in the yard with my daughter riding her bicycle around and it seemed to work well. Focussed quickly though not silently....a slight mechanical sound to the focus. With the camera on full auto and the lens on auto it was able to capture the shot s of her riding very clearly and with good color. I'm as much a newbie as you can get but it seems to me that it worked very well with these initial shots under natural daylight (bright, clear day).

Does anyone know about this lens? How old, reliable, well received or a major dud? Just wondering if given the price, how I did on this?

Thanks for any comments or info.

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