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available for the Oly E-3.

But the decision to purchase one isgonna take some thought. The E-3 screen is much more integrated into the E-3's system than previous Oly DSLRs. Here's what Katz Eye told me in their e-mail (I was on their notification list for the E-3 version):

"We are pleased to announce that our research and development is complete and
the Katz Eye focusing screen for this model has been released!
To read about the new screen, please visit:

There is also a link to the new screen right on the home page at

Please be advised that professional installation is advised for focusing
screens in the E-3 camera and Katz Eye Optics will not be providing
installation instructions or tools for this model. Also, use of a split
prism focusing screen in the E-3 will cause a noticeable effect on exposures
and users are strongly urged to take test shots and adjust exposure
compensation in order to avoid overexposure. Full details can be found in
the 'Metering Information' section of the web page for this model."

I'm not sure the split-image screen is worth the risk.


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