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So, I got an email this morning from a contactI have at, which isthe website for the Seattle chapter of the Audubon Society, asking if he can use three of my pics in their newsletter, with credit for me and a link to my website! Of course, I politely declined… NOT!!! It's anarticle on "backyard birds", and he wants to use my pics of a songsparrow, a Bewick's wren, and a house finch. I'm not sure if it's anelectronic newsletter (probably is) or print, but either way, it'skinda cool that he wants to use my photos! That's one of thosethings that could wind up who knows where - since a lot oforganizations send a copy of their local newsletter to their nationaloff ice as a matter of course, my stuff could conceivably wind up with alot wider visibility than just here in the Seattle area!A little more exposure, a little extraname recognition... it all helps! :G
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