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It may be rated as Class 6 by PQI but it may not write as fast as you expect. From what I've read on many forums, it seems that for many manufacturers the class/speed rating applies only to read speed.

If PQI is using the same oem supplier of electronics as OCZ then it may be an issue as I have run into OCZ cards that only meet their rating on read speed but not write.

And so have others...
- navigate to Tests\by Cards\SDHC

Just found this...
- see the 1/26/2008 review; 3.3Mb/s write speed

If you have a good quality card reader you can check the write speed yourself.

Use this software - ATTO v2.02
I downloaded my copy from here...

Example of of one of my tests:

I'm pretty sure that the read speed here was limited by the USB bus. Probably could have been higher if I'd used a good quality Firewire800 or eSATA reader.

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