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Thanks that helps !
ok here is a stupid question
do the 2 numbers mean , something 300 ft. looks like its 75 ft.
or something like that, just asking till i can go look it up when i have more time this week. I work nites so ill read up on it then.

I really do need to read up on more of it.
I printed a shot i took in the store 8x10. It did pretty good ,
concidering i dont know much about lighting, and changing it for the camera.
My mom is going crazy , she wants a camera so bad, she is a picture freak like me,lol.
Im gonna let her use my olympus a little after i get the rebel, dont figure ill sale it. i still have my oldest one about 5 years ago, sony with the floppy disks ,lol. my kids use it.
I really appreciate all the help you all have gave.
Im excited about softball and baseball to start , to test the rebel.
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