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That was my problem also. So I end unp with the automatic monopod, you squeeze the hand, it drop down at the right height , quick and practical.
Fully extended, it give you 65 1/2 only, but a pistol grip style head will add the extra inches needed with even more flexibility and setup speed.

AUTOMATIC MONOPOD / Cat. No: 334B => Bogen code (USA only): 3245
The automatic, 3 section, monopod provides immediate single handed final height adjustment. Squeeze the trigger handle and the top section can be raised or lowered, release, and it locks in position. The lower two sections have a twist lock action for additional height adjustment.
The top plate has a dual 1/4" - 3/8" camera fixing screw.
Maximum Height with extended center column
166 cm (65.4 inches)
Closed Length
68 cm (26.8 inches)
Maximum Load Capacity
8.0 kg (17.7 lbs)
0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)
Note: there is an error in the description, total is 3 sections, the lower (not the 2 lower) section is twist lock.
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