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I've recently upgraded from a SonyA100 to a A200, looking thru the camera's viewfinder i can see a faint inner circle within the circle surroundingthecentral AF point, this is visible regardless of lens used &whether the camera is on or not.

It is more visible when looking at plain light subjects such as the sky, although this inner circle is complete,a segment of it from 9 to 1 (using a clock as reference) is not perfectly round & slightly broader.

I'm wondering whether it's something to do with the focussing or metering system or if the camera's got a fault, I'd be interested to know if other A200 users can see the same thing.

The inner circle cannot be seen either in playback using the camera's LCD or when uploaded to a computer, so it's only visible thru the viewfinder. And i cannot remember seeing the same thing in my A100.

I have set the camera's dioptre to max (- ) setting (don't know if this makes a difference), I have tried asking elsewhere including Sony but as yet have'nt had anything back.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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