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zig-123 wrote:
Hey Ken,

How are things in the great Northwest.

I mentioned that I started my Oly digicam experience with the C-5060. One of the main reasons, I chose that camera was, at the time, I was working for a real estate appraisal company here on the Cape. The c-5060 has 27-122mm lens in a 35mm EQV. While being a very versatile camera, it was a great camera to take interior shots of homes.

About 3yrs ago the refi market here dried up and business really slowed down.The RE market is stagnant here right now,to the point that I'm not renewing my Appraisor's license.

Hope the market your in is doing better.


The RE market up here is eminating loud sucking noises. It's not good (English understatement..:-)) My wife and I are trying to figure what we're going to do when we grow up. One of us might have to find a job that pays.
We're going to see how the summer goes for us.

I did a full appraisers course in school a few years back (15/18 maybe) and decided against following it up. They didn't have computer programs for it then, just thatshort timeago.

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