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What kind of blur? It's probably motion blur or blur from camera shake because your shutter speeds are too slow for the lighting if you're not using a flash.

Both of those lenses are very dim (down to f/5.6 if you zoom in much). To put things in perspective, the lens on your F717 starts out at f/2 (about 3 times as bright as those lenses are on their wide ends), and still has f/2.4 available on it's long end (about 6 times as bright as the 18-70mm or 18-200mm lenses you have by the time you zoom in much with them).

If indoors, you'll need a flash with those lenses for moving subjects. You could try bumping up the ISO speed (each time you double it, the camera can use shutter speeds twice as fast). But, even at ISO 1600, you'd still have slower shutter speeds at f/5.6 with one of those lenses, compared to using your F717 at ISO 400 and f/2.4

If you're shooting in other conditions (not indoors without a flash), I'd post an example that includes camera settings in the EXIF. You'll need to downsize it to around 640 pixels wide for posting here.

I'd suggest using something like the free Irfanview

After you open an image using File>Open, go to Image>Resize/Resample. Leave the box checked to retain the original aspect ratio (dimensions of width to height), and make the longest side abvout 640 pixels.

That will be fine for checking settings. Then, Save it to a new filename (so you don't overwrite your original) using File>Save As (picking a folder that you want to keep it in).

Set the jpeg quality to around 80% and leave the boxes checked to retain EXIF (you'll see a box pop up with a jpeg quality slider when you use the Save As choice and select jpeg as the file type).

As long as it's not too large (dimensions or file size), then you can attach a photo using the browse button you'll see at the bottom of your entry screen when typing a new post.

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