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so, got my camera, my new 18-250 lens will arrive this week (i hope), so time for somepractice sessions.

some questions

any situation where it is better not to use the vibration reduction setting, or reversely; is there any potentially negative effect of using it?

i kind of know the pro/cons of choosing your shutter time but still double checking; considering i will want usually a depth of field a large as possible>> this means i should go for a as long shutter time as I/ camera can cope with without affecting the imagequality through unsteady hands (say 1/60 or 1/125, possibly 1/250 for faster action or 250mm zoom lens), so that I get a as small as possible aperture.

If this is correct, besides a greater depth of field, does this give me any other advantages (or disadvantages) in picture quality (sharpness, contrast, colour) or are those factors not influenced by lens aperture at all??

further questions

understand that there are rechargeable batteries i can get and use, which is great for homeland use, however, for my african safari i cannot rely on that so i need advice on the best non rechargeable to go for, either AA or CRV3

also will need some kind of bag i can store the camera in to give 100% protection against dust, water etc, really needs to be 100% waterproof, as we'll be going amongst others on acanoetrip, suggestions?



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