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I own the sanyo hd700 why

at winter time the cam sold for 600 plus, that'swhy. the price igot and everyone else at 270-300.00 whata steal, reason why it was that low. christmas time promotion defect in lott you name it.

the cam is excellent so many features you'll just set it AUTO and film. the manual is correct, and will have mistakes like mentioned Mic cable included b/c they'll substitute ou t thefirst few pages for other models.

CCD smaller sensor I do not care for causes light smear like a star trek beam when ever pointing to a light source.

others will have a excellent midnigh video andothers will not at all, we all complain we all want perfection, we all cannot have our way.

theHD1 HD2 or different models they say Hi def I am sure they are H264 codec andhave add'l items like flash boot etc those are my guesses as you can truely view sanyo's sit for the info.

Samples are best to load from the sanyo section and even at

your questions may be in that thread by cal........ 59 plus pages of repetitive question and answers.

if I were going to get a cam that you mention I would get the sanyo Hd700 for the price but I would not pay more that its worth.
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