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Hi everyone,

I've been looking for a new camera for a while, and it's quickly becoming crunch time (I need one before the month is over). My number one desire is IQ, but I'll need a P&S (Even the smallest DSLR will be too big, what with the lenses and all). I've thought about the Canon A650, Ixus 90IS, Panasonic T-Z5, among others, but now I've come to the G9.

The only question I have is how well does it work in low light?

Looking at the low light picture at I think it looks stunning... but since that picture has been reduced, I have no idea if it really is that good.

I'm by no means a professional (I hesitate to call myself even a novice), and I know that a P&S will never be a DSLR, but I want the best, for the least... Is that too much to ask? :O

If anyone has any alternatives, I'm all ears. Unfortunately I cannot get a hold of the Fuji F31fd, so that's out....

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