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Congrats on your purchase.

I've found that B&H Photo has always been a very competitive store. They also tend to have most everything in stock. A couple of good reasons to look there first when considering a new item. Additionally, I get the feel of what the actual "street price" is for a lens or body when I go on their site.

As for the 40-150mm, I have the new kit lens -the slower one.I find the IQ to be just fine. If I were in the market today though, I would definitely get the "older" lens.

First off, it is a bit faster- which is always a plus. More over, the pricing for the older lens has gotten to be downright dirt cheap. I alsotend to look at what's happening on EBay when I'm looking for a new/used lens,etc. Sometimes you can pick up a good lens for a great price. I've seen the 40-150mm F35 sell as low as 79bucks. Hard to refuse a deal like that. I would buy that lens without hesitation.

Post some pics using the 8mm, when you get a chance.


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