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Default One more thing to buy...

You'll need to buy a 55 mm lens cap. The CLA-4 does not have one. I keep the CLA-4 and a B+W UV filter mounted almost "permanently" on my C-730 and I bought a generic 55 mm lens cap at my local photo store. Tested it with my UV filter to make sure it was a reasonable fit. It wasn't perfect (I really liked the way the Oly cap fit) but it works just fine.

So I wouldn't loose the cap, I attached a short piece of monofilement fishing line to the cap (drilled a very small hole in the cap's front edge and threaded it through with a knot in the end) and then made a loop at the other end and put it around the CLA-4 tube. Put some black plastic tape over the loop so that it would keep slipping off.

Enjoy your new C-750. Take lots of pictures!

Paul in NoVA
C-730 B-300 WCON-07
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