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Hello RJ,

Well, regardng batteries I did find the EN-EL3e selling for 50% less at to what I'd pay locally here in Toronto). As I mentioned.

Just looked on Samys Camera's website and did see some of the listed Nikon accessories for slightly less. The MB-D10 grip for $10.00 less (I know it's only $10 but still...), the EN-EN4a for almost $50.00 less...the other two items (MH-22 charger and BL-3 cover) were slightly more expensive by a few dollars. So I suppose if I look...I should be able to get a better deal in the US (while I'm living in the US...after July 8th).

If I bought those items locally it would have cost me $674.96 CAD. Just for 8fps and a rated 3000 shots per charge using the EN-EL4a battery. Hmmm.... That and it adds roughly another pound of weight to your camera. Not crazy about that. Maybe I'll just order another EN-EL3e from Will have to see...
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