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After seriously considering a superzoom (Panasonic FZ18 or Sony H50), I have decided that I think I would be better suited to a dSLR. Here are my requirements and am looking for input:

1) I have owned a Canon FTb (yes I am that old) and still have the 50 f1.8 and 135 f3.5 glass but these won't autofocus on any of the entry level dSLR's so I do not think that is a factor

2) Have a Nikon N80 with Tamron 28 - 200 lens. I upgraded as I wanted high quality images (compared to P&S) but still not wanting to deal with a bunch of lenses. Again, I believe this will not autofocus with any Nikon thru the D60.

Things that are important (as compared to my current Canon SD400 P&S):

1) Quick autofocus. I miss way too many of my kids shots.
2) General purpose but very good IQ (I understand many people on this board are professionals so I won't say excellent IQ as that will price my glass out of range).
3) Camera that gives opportunity to go back to my days of real photography (I do understand exposure et al)

But I will mainly use the camera as a high end P&S and am even considering the Tamron 18-250 DI lens.

I have yet to go to the camera store but my strong consideration is the Sony a200 with the Sigma lens. I don't think Live View is something I need.

Reasons for not selecting other choices:

1) Canon XSi is too much and XS is not out yet. Also issue of autofocus.
2) Nikon D60....issue with autofocus, though some opinions suggest the D60 with Nikon 18-200 VR lens is a better choice than the Sony with Tamron lens.
3) Wildcard: Olympus.

So what do folks think. Will I come to regret the Tamron lens, or will this be a good all in one solution.


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