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I'm not crazy about all-in-one lens solutions because they make so many compromises, but it seems that the Tamron is pretty good. The samples I've seen taken with Pentax cameras (I shoot Pentax) have been quite nice. It's not a fast lens so you need to have lots of light - it would need a flash indoors (or stationary subjects and a tripod). Whether it's right for you or not depends on what you plan on taking (indoors natural light vs. outdoors/good light/flash).

One question you need to ask yourself is how much do you need anti-shake, and what's your budget - the Sony has image stabilization built into the camera body so any lens you use on it will be stabilized - a big plus if you need it and are on a budget. Both Canon and Nikon put stabilization in their lenses so if you want it you'd have to buy more expensive lenses, and your selection will be smaller. That won't matter if you are a steady shooter and/or always keep your shutter speeds high enough to deal with camera shake.

The D60's lack of an in-camera focus motor comes into play if you are planning on getting some of Nikon's fast prime lenses. If the lens you want to use comes with a motor in the lens, then it doesn't matter.

The cameras you are considering are different in size and shape. All are capable of taking excellent pictures, so the best thing to do is go to a camera store and actually handle them - quite often you'll find one will feel much better to you than another.
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