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Hi folks... Thought I would share these...A little into my personal life... I was going to e mail them to my wife as proof that Daniel is working...( as opposed to playing video games all day long) Since the age of 4, I have had him here at work with me ''working'' ..( he is 8 now, soon to be 9) Sweeping floors, bagging merchandise, running errands in house between the machine shop and offices and so forth. I have taught him what every part of an engine is and what it does and he has a pretty good understanding of it now...He can name all the major parts of an engine... Last year I taught him how to run the dyno and how things work. I will see what he will learn this year...So basically he is with me most of the time after school and all summer... .I have always taught him that if he wants to eat, he needs to work. :-) ....In other words, I am preparing a husband and I pray that someone is preparing a daughter for him... (My wife and I have done the same for my daughters, but they spend more time with her)...Anyway, I do pay him and have him tithe 10% to our church, put 20% in savings and do what he wants with in reason with the rest...Usually video games or nerf guns...Here he is work today...

These where all shot with the Fuji s100fs

and yes of course.....
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