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Mikefellh wrote:
If you read the forum there for Oly SLRs, many Oly users don't think highly of that review, especially the fact that it was copied from the E-410 review (DPReview admits this), just changing the numbers.
Hey Mike,

Thanks for the reminder to read the Oly SLR forum over at Dpreview. I got a boot out of reading some of the responses to a recent post about theOly's 4/3 format.

They are a testy lot.

As for the review, well I guess I've gotten hardened to the absurdity of the knock on the Oly SSWF feature that I don't even notice it anymore. Anybody with a pea brain should be able to figure out that it takes longer to take the lens cap off then the time the camera takes to go thru SSWF .

I was just happy to see the reviewer actually admit that he was nitpicking ISO performance and IQ performance. Also new (to me anyway) was the reviewer's closing statement:

"I certainly found myself sticking it into my pocket even on occasions when I would not usually have taken an SLR with me and anything that gets you to take more images can only be a good thing."

Overall, it was a pretty positive review.


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