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bahadir wrote:
jack55 wrote:
I was trying to take different shots of of my wife and Mt Rainier. Taken in late afternoon. Appreciate tips on making these look better next time.

I forgot to use fill flash here!
You may partly compansate the fill flash selecting the subject andby the magnetic lasso tool and pushing the shadow slider of the shadow highlight tool al PS. Then you might also decide to push the saturation by 8-10% and the sharpening 'selectively' as well, an example of whichseen below...

Ilike shallow DOF for portraits to emphasize the subject so blurred backgoungs are quite ok, imo. Yet,youcould have filled the frame more of the subject in the second and third pictures.

Thanks for sharing : )

I know proper "portraits" is to blur the background & have less background, but I was trying to get mt rainier in all the shots.

Thanks for the PhotoShop tip Bahdir. Any and all advice is very much appreciated as that is how I learn. (besides hands on training).
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