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zig-123 wrote:
Scouse wrote:
That IS is quite a draw isn't it? I'm hanging on for a while though even though hand holding the 40-150 full out is about the limit for a decent shot. When I get that 70-300 I'll start carrying a monopod.
Hi Ken,

IS is important to me simply because I have a tremor in my right hand(mid-stage of Parkinson's) As a result, without IS, I couldn't hand hold a camera, regardless of what lens I used.

The average 'normal' :?person probably wouldn't see much of a difference in IQ between the E-500 and the E-510, when using a long focal length lens i.e. 70-300mm unless shooting in low light. At 300mm and with low light, you'd probably be using a tripod or monopod anyways....

Sure, having IS is nice and with the added firmware enabling IS for Legacy lenses is better still, but the E-500 is still a great camera and I would think you would get great results with the 70-300mm.


Thanks for that, I plan on the 70-300 later this summer...and a monopod or the tripod if the light is really low. My tripod is a hunk much like some steel scaffolding..:-)but my wife bought it for me and I'd haul it around for that reason only.

Regrets about the parkinson's, fortunately it doesn't seem to slow you from doing the thing you like and are good at.

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