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Here is what I think anyone should get when they get the camera. (what I got at least) I tend to stay with SONY products that are made specifically for that model.

* Sony LCS-HB Soft Carrying Case: This is a matter of choice!

* Sony 2GB & 4GB Memory Stick PRO Duo Media (one each) If you don't shoot that much, 2GB is enough.

* Sony NP-BG1 Type G Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack for Sony W Series. (If you shoot much at all, you WILL need an extra battery) Not cheap and I wish it was like the H1 that had the double AA batteries.

* Lens cleaning kits of your choice. (I buy 2-3 of them, because I'm finding that that LCD needs constant cleaning as it easily gets smudges & dust on it and I can't stand that.)

* Tripod of your choice for sure and a mono-pod. I use both. There will be times that hand-holding won't cut it, such as night shots etc.

Tip... I feel one should always have a circular polarizer, but not the one the camera maker is push as then you have to by the adapter and then your forced to buy the very large and expensive circular filter. On my last 5 cameras I have used the same 58mm circular polarizer filter. I simply hold it against the lense when I shoot. A tad bit of a hazzle but better than spending the $100+ for the above setup.

Later on I "may" buy a slave flash and the Tele-extender.

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