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the jazz hdv-178 outputs h.264 Mpeg-4 AVC video with adpcm audio within a AVI container Not "FUNKY" stuff at all quite standard codecs, its just not packed within the AVI container correctly so they will often play incorrectly in most players unless the videos are fixed.

the avi container format was never really made to support the large number of codecs that are used now, up until a while ago support for h264/x264 content was not supported.

being packed incorrectly within the avi witch can exhibit different effects such as it seeming out of sync playing at different rates or audio not playing at all or not playing untill after the video has just about finished ; the effect can be seen from the avis made by the jazz 178.
just run them through virtualdubmod using Direct Stream Copy mode or rencode it to another format as needed and the output avi will play and work perfectly.

personally ill take a slightly borked avi over a MOV/mp4 file any day.
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