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Got up today and decided that I was going to go fishing. also brought the camera along just in case I saw something of interest. I never did really find any fish today but did find a group of terns, busy flying around searching for food. In this case, sand eels. I decided to take out the E-510 and 70-300mm and see just how close I could get.

Today I really got a good idea of how important sunlight is when using a long focal length lens such as the 70-300m outdoors. Up until today, i had been shooting mostly in bright sunlight and clear skies. Today, the sun was indeed out but itgot quite hazy and at times almost seemed as if it were cloudy.

The following shots were all hand held- (ever try usinga tripod on a boat?). Because the light was so hazy, I really had to boost up the ISO to 400 and then I tried a few at 800. These were all at 400. The shots all had a fair amount of noise which got cleaned up in neat-image. I tried but nixed the use of continuous auto-focus, The birds were too fast and the lens, due to the lack of bright light, too slow.

Thank goodness for digital cameras. I must have taken around 125 shots today and got a hanfdful of decent shots...

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