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BrendainAR wrote:
I am hoping my DSC-H50/B will be delivered today but with FedEx delivering, who knows. I'm anxious to get my hands on it! I have a couple of questions,

Will the telephoto, macro, and fisheye, lens that I bought for my H1 work on the H50 or will I need a different adapter?

I also have a few filters, will they work with the same adapter that I used on the H1?
I would think so, but I'm not sure. Let's see what Steve's review says when he get's that one up. Maybe someone here has the accessories from the H1 and has bought the H50 can tell us?

MichelleD wrote:

I'm pretty impressed with this camera so far (and your photos)! I haven't had a chance to check it out at a store yet, but I was curious about whether the zoom lever is in the way of where your thumb should rest while holding the camera.

Thanks for the great review...I can't wait for Steve to get one posted too!

No problem for me as I like the zoom lever where I can reach it easily. However, if your use to the zoom lever being on the front, it may take some getting use to.

Canadian wrote:
yes those are great photos, i was wondering what the wideangle is like i take lots of photos in a boat with anglers hold a fish, so was wondering how it would be, more background in shots would be nice, i just might pick one of these up when i'm in the USA next month, will do more searching but this unit looks like a good upgrade from my W1
I wouldn't know as I don't have or use a wideangle. Maybe someone here has?
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